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After Dark Vespa

Disappear deep into the maze-like back streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City on the back of a vintage Vespa. Riding pillion, you’ll make your way across town, stopping in lesser-visited, locally-lauded hot spots to indulge in mesmerising street food and live music, perhaps washed down with a local beer or two; after all, you’re not driving!

After dark vespa tour Vietnam
After dark vespa tour Vietnam
After dark vespa tour Vietnam

Vietnam’s cities take on a second wind as evening approaches. As the street stalls ready themselves for the night trade, exotic aromas fill the air and excitement builds. A night to remember awaits, as does the chance to really eat like a local. 

Riding pillion might feel nerve-wracking at first, but within minutes you’ll be smiling as the city breeze whips around your face and you’re starting to feel hungry for your first stop. The smells emanating from the makeshift kitchens on the ramshackle pavement make your mouth water. Sizzling beef bo nuong marinated in lemongrass, and a dozen other tempting choices, will be washed down with a cold beverage before you head onwards across town. Get acquainted with a host of Vietnam’s finest streetfood as the evening develops, from steaming bowls of pho to bun cha meatballs. Dining like this gives a new meaning to the term ‘fast food’! There really is no better way to see Vietnam’s two largest cities, Hanoi and Saigon, or HCMC. By Vespa at night shows you both destinations at their visceral best. 

We recommend this experience to everyone, even young families, though we’ll always talk you through the realities. If Vespas aren’t your thing then we can just as easily arrange a car. The evening might take a little longer, and perhaps be a little less exciting, but the gorgeous streetfood will be just as delicious.

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