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Weather & when to go: August

Our best destinations in August


August in Borneo is characterised by warm, bright, sunny days and minimal rainfall. As school holidays continue, so does Borneo's popularity - early booking is essential. 

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Peak season continues across the western and central Indonesian islands, with Bali, Komodo, Lombok, Flores, Java and the Gilis expecting dry and hot days in August. Sulawesi is also expecting good weather.

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Weather conditions in Malaysia during August continue to be split between the coasts. The east coast is enjoying favourable conditions: plenty of dry, dry days and ideal sea conditions for snorkelling and diving. In contrast, the west coast islands will be experiencing hot and humid conditions, along with short-lived, heavy downpours at this time of year. 

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Also expecting good weather conditions in August

Sri Lanka

Despite the summer monsoon still blowing in from the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, Sri Lanka's south and west coast regions usually experience a significant dip in rainfall during August compared with the months either side....a little sunshine sandwich! Temperatures remain high on the coast (avg temp: 29 °C) whilst up in the hills it can be chilly, especially at night…

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Destinations with mixed weather conditions in August

South Korea

As the mercury rises the South Korean weather can begin to feel oppressively muggy - so you’ll be glad of the air-conditioned spaces, breezy coastal resorts and cooler mountain air. July’s torrential monsoon rains continue throughout August, so be sure to pack your rain gear. More than half of the country’s annual rainfall comes down in July and August. The humidity levels are high and the temperatures can reach around 29°C...

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Despite the heavy night time rains which can make it difficult to reach more remote areas, August is still a popular time of year for a holiday in Tibet. Just don’t expect many breathtaking mountain views. Temperatures are mild, patches of sun are frequent through the cloud, and there are lots of thrilling cultural and sporting events going on. The horse-racing festival in Nagchu sees thousands of riders gather to show off their skills and colourful costumery...

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The overall outlook for Vietnam in August is very mixed in terms of weather. The centre of Vietnam remains hot and predominantly dry with infrequent rain expected, the north and south are expecting rain

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Destinations expecting poor weather conditions in August


August is not the best time of year to visit Bhutan. Although the monsoon rains aren’t as intense as earlier in the summer, you can expect regular and heavy showers, which result in laborious trekking and potential travel disruption.

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The monsoon rains are at their peak in August, so it's not the best time of year to visit Nepal. You can expect heavy showers most days particularly in the afternoons and evenings. Trekking and rafting around Pokhara is not recommended, but you can walk the trails in the Himalayan rain shadow and if you don't mind dodging the showers visiting the Kathmandu valley is perfectly feasible, if a little hot...

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Rainfall across much of Thailand starts to peak with Chiang Mai and the north usually receiving its heaviest rainfall of the year. Conditions on the beaches and islands of the Thai peninsular will vary. The west side of the peninsular is receiving its heaviest rainfall of the year whilst on the east whilst there will be rainfall, although early in the month this will be far lower. As September approaches the rainfall will increase with Hua Hin usually providing the best of the beach conditions...

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August promises premium trekking and cultural touring conditions in the north, making it an exciting time to lace up your boots and get into the foothills. The monsoons dominate the weather elsewhere…

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Cambodia in August can experience peak rainfall, although rain showers tend to be short and intense, lasting for a few hours rather than all-day downpours. Consequently, the countryside is more lush and green, and water levels on the Tonle Spa Lake are high, making it possible to visit the flooded forests and floating villages by boat. The average temperature is a comfortable 26-27°C.  

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The weather in Japan in August can be too hot for some across the majority the country as temperatures rise and the heat wave continues, however we wouldn't rule it out as the lower numbers and right itinerary can still work well during the summer season.

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During August rainfall reaches peak levels throughout Laos with temperatures dropping and the length and severity of rain showers increasing, even in Luang Prabang and Vientiane. Travel to the more remote regions of the country is difficult at times although road conditions have generally been greatly improved in recent years. Temperatures average in the low 20’s°C throughout the country...

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In August you can expect heavy rain for majority of days in Myanmar with high temperatures.

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