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Flexi Booking Promise

Book with flexibility and financial clarity

We’ve always striven to be as accommodating and flexible as possible with all our clients, however in the past some of the small print didn’t necessarily reflect this. So we have revisited our booking procedure and our terms & conditions and taken steps to ensure that both are clearly providing you with the flexibility and financial clarity that we know you need when making your travel plans.

We create complex, one-of-a-kind holidays and in order to do so, we oversee a great deal of booking logistics. To cut through this red tape, we have tried to keep our commitment to you as simple as possible, but please do take care to read the following carefully and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to discuss any aspect of it in more detail.

Low deposit commitment - we require just 10% to secure most bookings*

Fully flexible dates of travel up to 60 days before departure

You can choose to postpone your booking (no cost other than any seasonal differences) up to 60 days before your confirmed departure.

Your balance is due on or before 60 days prior to your trip start date.

Within 60 days of your departure our standard booking terms and conditions will apply as it’s at this point that we have no choice but to commit to many non-refundable payments to ensure that the holiday will go ahead as planned.

If it is not possible to travel due to UK travel list status or local entry restrictions: you have the choice of a free date change (seasonal differences, both higher and lower, may apply), changing to another destination (cost dependent on choice of travel arrangements) or, in the event that neither of the above is suitable, a refund.

*Full disclosure: Try as we may, there are some destinations, properties and experiences that require higher contributions, or earlier deposits or full payments, to secure your booking. As you would expect when working across an entire continent, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our 10% deposit offer (and 60 day settlement) applies to approximately 90% of our services, if there are extra deposit or early settlement requirements for your travel plans, these will be communicated to you ahead of you making your booking and alternative arrangements can be explored if these are not agreeable.

An important note on flights

Our flexi booking promise applies to your land arrangements only, as flight tickets are controlled by airline policies on flexibility and changes. Name changes are never allowed, and date and route changes will often only be allowed for a charge, if at all. In order to retain as much flexibility as possible we will always endeavour to offer tickets that do not need to be issued until closer to your departure (and your complete booking arrangements therefore remain flexible), however this is not always possible and these tickets are rarely at the most competitive fares. A further complication is that un-issued tickets can also be cancelled by the airlines with very little recourse. It is a conundrum without an easy solution, however we will always communicate your options to you at the time of booking to ensure that you are in control of the level of flexibility that you require.