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Myanmar weather & when to go: January

Myanmar January weather overview

Enjoy Christmas at home with the family, flying out to Myanmar just as the high season madness subsides to enjoy some of the best all-round weather of the year. With blue skies and dry weather expected across the country, this is a chance to see Myanmar at its very best.

Myanmar weather & when to go

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January’s weather in detail

The dry season continues throughout the month of January, with excellent conditions expected throughout Myanmar. January is peak season, as temperatures slowly begin to rise and the entire country expects premium travelling conditions.

In the south and along the west coast, the beaches will be basking in sunshine. The central plains will also be dry and hot, although more manageable than in the months to come. Whilst the chill in the foothills, the Shan State, and around Inle Lake starts to lessen during the day, the temperature has a tendancy to drop in the evenings and early morning, so it's worth packing a jumper or fleece jacket.

Rainfall of any sort is unlikely, and temperatures in the lowlands are likely to reach into the high 20s°C. Even the eastern and northern highlands will reach 25°C, although evenings are still likely to be quite chilly.