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Japan honeymoon

Japan is easily one of the most intriguing honeymoon destinations in our repetoire, and delivers style and 'unique experience' by the ice-bucket-load. Its lively urban culture is balanced by beautiful ancient traditions, with impeccable service and high standards all the way.

Let the bullet train whisk you between chic Tokyo, historic Kyoto and hedonistic Osaka - or hop off to wander along peaceful pilgrim paths through the forests. Relax at sophisticated volcanic spring resorts instead of tropical beaches, and if you're going for a winter wedding, spend your honeymoon enjoying Japan's snowy landscapes and winter sports - especially when you can jump in those hot springs to warm up!

5 indisputable reasons to spend your honeymoon in Japan

Onsen Japan

Japan's volcanic hot spring bathhouses are the ultimate in romantic relaxation

Expect world class customer service that leaves Europe in the dust

Kyoto Tori gate

From the deep roots of its past to the unfurling future, Japan's culture is endlessly intriguing

Japanese garden

Whether it's green and mountainous, awash with cherry blossom or snow-covered drama, Japan looks amazing all year round

A great deal of pride & passion goes into some of the finest meals you'll ever eat