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Our journeys through Japan

These are some of our favourite routes in Japan, which we hope will help kick-start your planning. We tailor each and every holiday to suit you and your preferences - you call the shots, and we make it happen.

Shimanami Kaido

Cycle & Art Trails of Japan

Honshu & Shikoku Islands

Hop on a bike and journey through Japan’s south-eastern regions on the Shimanami Kaido trail, 60km cycle path over the Seto Inland Sea, travelling across an extremely scenic route across six islands, including the outstanding Naoshima, also known as the art island, where you can find Yayoi Kusama’s famous pumpkin. 

Price from: £2,090 US$2,390
Ideal length 10 days
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Saké and Seoul: Japan & South Korea

Price from: £4,890 US$5,690
Ideal length 13 nights
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Japan tori

Following Ancient Trails

Japan’s walking trails

Wander along the ancient trails of Kumano Kodo and its spiritual shrines, enjoying the peaceful, and enchanting surroundings as well as taking in the hospitality of local families along the way.

Price from: £4,990 US$5,790
Ideal length 17 days
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Journey to Yakushima

Kyushu Island, Japan

Well away from the bright lights and ultra modern cities, is the other Japan you crave, on the lesser visited island of Kyushu.

Price from: £2,890 US$3,290
Ideal length 14 days
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Kyoto temple

Japan Family Adventure

The one that really has something for everyone, our Japan Family Adventure is the perfect introduction to the culture and history of this fascinating country, at an energetic pace and peppered with exciting experiences for all.

Price from: £3,090 US$3,590
Ideal length 13 days
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Nihon no doko he demo

日本のどこへでも。or ‘everywhere in Japan!’

Our ‘Big Japan Trip’ has the perfect balance of big ticket destinations with hidden gems and plenty of time to let it all soak in - taking it a little bit slower allows you real insight and will make you hungry for a return trip. 

Price from: £5,090 US$5,790
Ideal length 20 days
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